Chongqing xuefeng refrigerates logistics Co., Ltd is a specialized cold-stored carrier , the company was established in August of 1997. the total value of the Company's assets is up to more than 20 million yuan at present. Company's transportation general quantity tops more than 200 tons.

Our company has all kinds of refrigeration to transport ,There are 36 vehicles and 1.027 hectares of lands. it is the largest professional cold-stored logistics company in the southwest of China ,And it is one of the top five professional cold-stored logistics Company of china.

The general headquarters of the company lie in the modern agricultural science and technology garden of Chongqing; In the west of locating in national road 210, the neighbor is national road 319 , 212; 15 kilometers from the urban area of Chongqing, about 7 kilometers away form the largest train marshalling yard of the southwest, about 3 kilometers away from Chongqing jiangbei International airport, about 3 kilometers from the most heavy inland container terminal- Chongqing inches of beach. The traffic extends in all direction, the geographical position is richly endowed by nature . Begin 2003, snow capped peak from a single one cold to hide business of transporting to storage , pack , logistics business of providing and delivering etc. expand Company, build up the cooperative frame of refrigerating the logistics in the whole country. Have already succeeded in realizing that has been transported the transition to comprehensive logistics enterprises by single refrigeration at present.

The goal of the xuefeng company is to devoted to becoming the southwest and even largest professional cold-stored logistics company of the whole country, offer to customer and refrigerate the logistics service " professionally , fast , safely ".

The xuefeng company has been absorbed in refrigerating the business of transporting all the time . The company refrigerates the experience of the trade according to more than 10 years, insist on inheritting the " professional , fast , safe service theory ", enterprise has occupied 70% of the market share of Chongqing , Sichuan refrigerating transportation business , set up firm business contact with large world-famous brands, the market is distributed in many cities , such as Chongqing , Chengdu , Shanghai , Beijing , Tianjin , Guangzhou , Wuhan , Kunming , Kweiyang , Nanning , Tibet , Xinjiang ,etc.. And has set up offices in Chengdu , Xi'an , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Kunming and other places in succession.

Way which the xuefeng company develops

First, fast-developing way

From 1997 to 1999, the xuefeng Company was absorbed in refrigerating the business of transporting. according to 20 years experiences of going Sichuan Province, insist inheritting the " professional , fast , safe service theory ", the xuefeng Company emerge rapidly , has occupied 90% of the market share of the transport business in Sichuan, and has established firm business contact with many family's world-famous brands, the market expands from Chongqing, Chengdu to Nanning , Kweiyang , Tibet , Wuhan , Shanghai , Beijing , Guangzhou , Kunming ,etc. market.
2000, the xuefeng Company expand business scope further, from a single one being cold to is it is it expand to the storage , distribute to transport to hide, sign the exclusive distribution of the area of Chongqing with snow of the way with the world-famous brand ice cream, realized sales amount of nearly 10 million yuan in that year .
2001 and the new century one year, the xuefeng Company invest 9 million yuan in Chongqing buy 2.093 hectares of land in the city modernized agricultural developing zone.the xuefeng Company save up strength to start out, is it obtain heavy brilliance in new century to hope. From
2002 to 2003, the xuefeng Company has already tenable in the office been in succession in Chengdu , Xi'an , Guangzhou , Kunming , Shanghai.

Second, the goal of the way

The xuefeng Company of development is to build up southwest and even largest professional logistics company of the whole country in the future. The reserve of the land is exactly a great investment action adopted in order to realize this goal.
The next investment plan of the xuefeng Company
1, Is it build one large-scale logistics centre to make the investment, including first 300 tons freeze the storehouse, an automobile maintains the factory.
2, Set up the office in Beijing , set up the transport network of covering the whole country successively in plan.
Service theory of the xuefeng company ---
" professional , swift , security " is not merely the serious commitment to the customer of the xuefeng company, run through the code of conduct inside the company especially.

●Specialized driving team ;
●Specialized training system, know basically to frozen food , refrigeration operation principle of plane, set up the training course in common trouble clearing ;
●Until unloading from freighting to the course of transporting , control in the whole journey the temperature of the goods, absolute guaranteed quality;
●Sufficient transportation;
●Perfect transport network;
●Perfect maintenance system;
●Meet customer's demands fast;
●The driver possesses abundant experience;
●Normal management, reduce the risk;
●It is the overall manage,it adopt by index management KPI (propose / get by goods leading, vehicle leading , product percent of pass , receipt on time not satisfied on schedule, last stating rate ,etc. customer);

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